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Table 1 DSO’s energy infrastructure parameters (state on December 31, 2017)

From: Does time series analysis confirms the relationship between space weather effects and the failures of electrical grids in South Poland?

Parameter Value
Total area 57,940 \(\mathrm{km}^{2}\)
Number of end-customer 5.5106
Transmitted energy 45 TWh
Length of the line calculated per track with connections 270,189 km
–high voltage (HV) 11,143 km
–medium voltage (MV) 64,576 km
–low voltage (LV) 109,438 km
–branches 46,587 km
–lighting network 38,445 km
Power of transformers 35,714 MVA
Number of electricity substations 59,561 items
Number of HV station/textitMV 487 pcs.
Number of MV/LV stations 55,898 items
Number of transformers 58,611 pcs.