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Table 1 Comparison of the number of high fidelity evaluations for the GPR-Hybrid approach \(|\text{HF}_{\text{GPR-H}}|\) for different sizes of the initial training data set \(|\mathcal{T}_{\text{I}}|\), using batch size \(N_{\text{B}}=50\)

From: A blackbox yield estimation workflow with Gaussian process regression applied to the design of electromagnetic devices

  \(|\mathcal{T}_{\text{I}}|=5\) \(|\mathcal{T}_{\text{I}}|=10\) \(|\mathcal{T}_{\text{I}}|=30\)
\(|\text{HF}_{\text{GPR-H}}^{\text{offline}}|\) 55 110 330
\(|\text{HF}_{\text{GPR-H}}^{\text{online}}|\) 306 226 179
\(|\text{HF}_{\text{GPR-H}}^{\text{total}}|\) 361 336 509