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Table 1 List of compartments in the transmission model for COVID-19 in Ontario, Canada

From: Quantifying the shift in social contact patterns in response to non-pharmaceutical interventions

Model variable Description
\(S_{i}\) Susceptible population
\(E_{i}\) Exposed population
\(I_{i}\) Symptomatic infected population
\(A_{i}\) Asymptomatic infected population
\(S_{q_{i}}\) Quarantined susceptible population
\(E_{q_{i}}\) Quarantined exposed population
\(D_{i}\) Diagnosed population
\(R_{i}\) Recovered population
  1. The index i refers to the age groups i = 1,2,3,4,5,6. Hence, there are six model variables for each stage, one for each age class i.