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Table 7 Age-specific model parameter estimates in Ontario, Canada: Percentage of symptomatic individuals diagnosed, and susceptibility to infection

From: Quantifying the shift in social contact patterns in response to non-pharmaceutical interventions

Parameter Age class
0–5 6–13 14–17 18–24 25–64 65+
Percentage of symptomatic individuals diagnosed 31% 38% 37% 20% 64% 67%
Susceptibility to infection 1.9% 1.6% 2.5% 9.2% 13.9% 50.2%
  1. Percentage of symptomatic diagnosed individuals and susceptibility (i.e., probability of infection upon contact, \(\beta _{{i}}\)). The reported values are obtained from the mean of the fitting results of 1000 bootstrap realizations. The fraction of symptomatic diagnosed individuals is calculated from \(\frac{\delta _{I,i}}{\delta _{I,i} + \gamma _{I}}\), where \(\delta _{I,i}\) and \(\gamma _{I}\) denote the diagnosis and recovery rate, respectively.